Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cruce Photos

Camp Day One: Our bus broke down on the way here so we stood for the last two hours before getting to the Mapuche community where we camped the first night.

This is what dinner looked like everynight...and breakfast on the infamous second day where we were counseled to take meat with us!

Starting Line on the First Day. We started about 30 minutes late as we waited for the 'banos quimicos'-or port-o-potties to be brought to the start line. Chilean park officers were literally guarding the woods so people didn't go to the bathroom in the woods.

Dirty and done on day 1. I'm dirtier because I was in front of Matt all day. :)

Mateo's patriotic backpack.

Ha-we thought this was steep-nothing compared to what would come.

Still going uphill....

Mateo rocking it on Day 3.

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