Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Wanna Dance!

So I was feeling pretty bummed out today because I'm not 100% better from my appendectomy a couple of weeks ago. It's funny, getting a laproscopy, I assumed I would be back on my feet in a few days, running and exercising shortly there after. Not true. We also got our monthly mail the other day, and what is usually a welcome procrastinating tool-old running magazines from a friend-left me feeling crabby that 1) exercise these days is a 15-20 minute walk; 2) there is no kind of trail running in my near future. I was even contemplating writing a blog about the things that I am missing from the United States (blueberries, dark chocolate with things in it, not having taxis that honk at you all the time, 300+ days of sunshine in Colorado, etc.), when I got an email from our staff in Bolivia for an upcoming newsletter.

I downloaded the photos from our FTP site, and was surprised to see this video link in the folder. Watch it-it's the cutest thing ever and will make you feel better about not being able to run or have blueberries or whatever it is that is bugging you these days. I'm also trying to be a more frequent blogger and figured why not start today.

Have you watched it? So freaking cute, right? This guy-Miguel Angelito-is literally dancing a poop dance.....he is so happy to have a toilet in his house now that he is breaking into a dance when our staff showed up to talk to some of the beneficiaries of our work. It put a huge smile on my face-not only because it's hilarious and so sweet-but because he is this happy about having a toilet! In the file of photos is a picture of where Miguel Angelito used to go to the bathroom-a field behind his house.

When I was recuperating in the hospital, the doctor told me that I needed to get up and move around to get rid of the excess CO2 gas that laproscopy surgeons pump into your stomach to be able to see the appendix with their video camera. Feeling sassy, I made it a point to include some dance moves-complete with hospital gown, diabetes socks, and IV. I was dancing because I was greatful 1) that my appendix didn't burst; 2) we were able to walk to a very good clinic, and 3) Matt was such a good helper and spent endless hours at the unairconditioned hospital.

Take it from me-next time you are pissed that you can't get dark chocolate at the neighborhood Wong's grocery store, do a little dance, or do some you tube searches for other people dancing-it's guaranteed to make you forget about the dark chocolate or appendectomy or whatever's bugging you right then and there.

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