Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Visit to Tiraque-One of the Communities Kate Works In

I had the honor of heading out into the campo (country) Thursday to visit one of the many communities that Water for People help in Bolivia. Tiraque is about an hour and half into the mountains from Cochabamba. The drive was amazing as we passed from the city to the higher altitude and open farming country of this wonderful mountain community. Today there was a plumbing workshop for the people of Kaspi Kancho (a smaller community within Tiraque). There were about 30 people and a couple of dozen school kids at the workshop (pretty much the entire community). It was great to see the participation and the interest in putting together a water system throughout the community. The workshop was not the only event...there was a party as well with lots of dancing (yes, I danced and I think I was pretty good) and lots of food. We downed some potatoes, empanadas, beef, juices and chicha (a corn fermented drink). It was a great day and I cannot wait to head out there again! A slideshow of some of festivites is to the right. The picture above is one of the many street dogs in Bolivia...check out the collar!

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FAM said...

This is the third try to get a comment on here - hope it works this time. Thanks for sending the link - it looks and sounds like you are in an interesting place! Love the apartment and the fact that it comes with a butler/cook (even though it looks like he lays down on the job a bit)! Love, FAM